Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dita Grandmaster Five Sunglasses

Only at our independent Opticians Birmingham

The Amazing Grandmaster 5 will soon be here are Piccadilly Opticians Birmingham, showcasing an all new sleek design that looks soft and stylish although no less extravagant. It features beautiful detailing that runs down the entire frame along with the same type of detail on the temple plate and having full titanium temples, these sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable. This handsome frame will definitely be a head turns.

These frames are made from 18K rolled gold, titanium, and acetate.

Available in two colorways: Navy/18K Gold and Matte Black/18k Gold. Lenses come with full back side AR coatings and can be customized by our lab at your request.

Matte Black/18K Gold

LENSES:Navy/18K Gold - D. Grey to Clear Gradient/Gold Flash Mirror
Matte Black/18K Gold - D. Brown to Clear Gradient

SIZE: 58/16-138


  • 100% UV Protected Lenses
  • 18K Rolled Gold
  • Titanium and Zyl Acetate Frame
  • Back-side anti-Reflective Lens Coating
  • Stunning Design

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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lunor eyewear collection from Piccadilly Opticians Birmingham

Piccadilly opticians Birmingham have been supplying these for some time now, but boy they are out of this world, ( perfection springs to mind )

 Steve jobs eyewear collection.

BUY -> http://www.piccadillyopticians.co.uk/lunor-classic-rimless/

Lunor eyeglasses combine craftsmanship with quality, earning a global reputation for their innovative approach to engineering, design and the art of making luxury eyewear. Superior materials, including pure titanium, fine-grade steel and precious metals are used to execute time-honored constructions and precise, elegant designs that have proven their worth and functionality. Lunor has been recognized by the prestigious lifestyle magazine, Robb Report, as a top-of-class, premium eyewear brand.  

The aesthetic design of lunor eyewear is based upon a collection of optical antiques from
the years 1650 to 1950 - a collection including glasses, half eye reading glasses and cases 
that belongs to one of the foremost collectors in europe, gernot lidner, the founder of lunor

the language of the shapes of these historic eyeglasses is clear and well balanced
and the lunor collections show this in a modernised way.

glasses are made of materials which have proven their worth for centuries
handmade and following old traditions with more than 200 working steps

cases made of local woods recall the precious cases of the past 
and telescopic temples are inspired by american eyeglasses from about 1840

the lunor brand preserves perfection and optimises the extraordinary

Piccadilly opticians birmingham is an authorized Lunor dealer.
Please contact us by phone 0121 643 2660 during our business hours (Monday thru Saturday | 10am to 6pm)

By email ( info@piccadillyopticians.co.uk) to discuss product details, availability, and price. 

Our staff has extensive knowledge regarding Lunor eyewear. 

We will be happy to take the time to discuss this exceptional product with our clients.

BUY -> http://www.piccadillyopticians.co.uk/lunor-classic-rimless/

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cazal 607 301 Limited Tribute to Cari Zalloni Vintage Sunglasses Available from Piccadilly Opticians Birmingham

The Stunning Cazal 607 301 from Piccadilly Opticians Birmingham

Iconic German designer eyewear brand Cazal has released this Limited Edition Carl Zalloni Tribute 607 301. The 607 is a staple frame for Cazal and has tons of history with the brand, hence why the pair was chosen to commemorate the brands original owner and designer Carl Zalloni who sadly passed away in 2012. 

Normally in a gloss black but this 607 comes with a matte black finish throughout the frame, with black polished accents on the arms with gold Cazal branding. Smoke grey lenses with gold Cazal branding stamped on left lens. 

There are only 999 pairs produced worldwide, each pair is numbered on the inner right arm and comes with an info card for the true Cazal collector out there.  

These are a must have for any eyewear collectors and if you’re really doing it, you might be able to have a pair to. 

Only 2 pairs in stock, so don’t sleep on this opportunity to have a rare gem. 

Call 0121 643 2880 to reserve your pair now 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Macushield Gold is the latest eye-vitamin supplement to help maintain healthy eyes to protect from conditions such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).


Macushield Gold is a dual-capsule eye supplement which incorporates the original MacuShield, (with its synergistic formulation of meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin), coupled with an additional capsule containing zinc, vitamins and Omega-3.

The purpose of MacuShield Gold is to enrich ones macular pigment (with proven benefits for glare reduction and enhanced overall visual performance). The vitamins included are essential for the maintenance of normal vision and healthy eyes. MacuShield Gold is the number one eye-vitamin to consider when trying to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).MacuShield Gold contains 30 capsules of each formulation, with the recommended dosage of one each per day.

 Also available from Piccadilly opticians Birmingham www.piccadillyopticians.co.uk

 Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), is a debilitating eye disorder, which causes the focus of your vision to be distorted, blurred or even blank. The most important of the 3 ingredients, Meso-Zeaxanthin helps combat this as it's role deals with focused vision. Macushield has been claimed as a possible miracle cure for AMD. Many studies have shown significant improvement to eyesight from people taking Macushield eye supplements. Macushield Gold takes it a step further inline with the AREDS2 study.

 Currently there have been no official known Macushield side effects, however if you are unsure about taking Macushield or any other medication, please consult your doctors for professional advice. 


 Macushield and Macushield GoldRetired Major (Gurkha Regiment) experiences remarkable results after taking a marigold supplement for a degenerative eye condition announces Zeon Healthcare.

     INCREDIBLE RESULTS-       Nick Carter’s fear of going blind diminishes after taking Macushield®
-       "AMD difficult to prevent with a healthy diet alone"

For over 10 months Nick Carter has been taking Macushield® , the once-a-day-supplement developed to slow down the progression of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – A condition responsible for half of all cases of blindness in the Western World. Today, Nick speaks out, revealing how MacuShield® has helped save him from potentially becoming blind.Nick Carter 89, was first diagnosed with AMD initially in his right eye, in 2008. Being health conscious, Nick lived a healthy lifestyle and maintained a well balanced diet, however one day found he was fighting for his sight.Age-Related Macular Denegeneration causes loss of central vision robbing the individual of all but the outer most peripheral vision, leaving only dim images or black holes at the centre vision. Unfortunately carotenoids needed to help maintain healthy eyes are not widely found in even the healthiest foods, making AMD difficult to prevent with a healthy diet alone.

Nick's AMD came as a sudden shock to the family. Wasting no time, he started his treatment to battle against AMD. Every 6 weeks Nick had to have an injection to his diagnosed right eye, an experience he described as “terrible”.In 2011 the devastating news of AMD took a dramatic turn - Nick was further diagnosed with AMD in his left eye – and so in desperation and losing all hope, Nick took the decision to stop the routine injections after no perceived improvement.

Months later Nick heard about MacuShield®, a once-a-day supplement containing all three macular carotenoids Lutein, Zeaxanthin and uniquely Meso-Zeaxanthin needed to maintain healthy eyes. With nothing left to lose Nick began taking MacuShield® as part of his daily routine, only to find what he expressed as “miracle results”.

Nick Carter stated in an interview “In just under 2 years I have had 14 injections and it wasn’t much fun .... Since taking MacuShield® even the eye specialists are very surprised. They were expecting to see both eyes gradually deteriorate. Instead they describe the eyes as being ‘stable’.” This case reinforces recent clinical trials, conducted at the Waterford Institute in Ireland, suggesting that by taking MacuShield® once a day, macular pigment is increased, leading to enhanced vision.

Nick went on to say, “I feel as if the vision in my left eye has improved, I can now read the paper without having to wear glasses”.A respected nutritional eye health expert Dr Mark Kirby stated “Supplementation with meso-zeaxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein (i.e. MacuShield) is proven to enhance visual performance, both in terms of improved contrast sensitivity under normal daylight conditions, and under conditions of glare.” A recent declaration (2012) now proved accurate.Recommended by 70% of Opticians, Ophthalmologists and eye health professionals in the UK, MacuShield® with its scientifically proven and patented formula has become the fastest growing daily supplement in leading pharmacists and drug stores, costing only 50p per day.

Laurence Smith, Managing Director at Zeon Healthcare, the pharmaceutical distributors for MacuShield® states “The reason for strong growth of MacuShield® is simple. We have one pair of eyes and their health is precious to us all. It is a blow to some people when they have to start wearing glasses but can you imagine how traumatic it is to be told that you have a condition such as Age Related Macular Degeneration, which will lead to blindness? It’s proven that MacuShield® is the only product which has clinical evidence to substantiate its usage in this field.”

Laurence Smith went further to say “Government statistics show that we are all living longer. There are more people aged over 50 years than teenagers today and the longer we live the greater the necessity to maintain eye health. Uniquely MacuShield® does that very effectively and as such it has been the product of choice for recommendation by eye health.Macushield gold is available soon which includes the added benefits of the omega-3 

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